Nervous Patients

Anxious about your dental treatment?

We absolutely understand that a visit to a dental practice can be very daunting for some people. Some are relaxed, but on the other end of the spectrum, some people can be very uneasy.

We are very experienced at handling people with anxieties with sympathy, TLC, professionalism and some humour. All our efforts are designed to make your visits to us as pleasant as possible. We will talk and relate to you as an equal and not be aloof. You can be confident in our willingness to listen and discuss your dental issues and fears.

Our modern practice, equipment and comfortable surroundings will help to put you at ease. Music and DVD programs while you are being treated really help to diminish the anxiety levels. Feel free to discuss with us any issues you have, it is good and helpful for us to know where your fears lie.

"Magic carpet ride"

In order to make it easier and more relaxing for a particularly nervous patient or a child to have dental treatment we can use a mild form of sedation called Relative Analgesia. We refer to this as “a magic carpet ride” to the children. It involves breathing a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, very similar to that used in childbirth (gas and air).

In children we find the process works best if the parent waits in reception while we carry out this treatment as it ensures the child concentrates better. If however your child would not come in to the treatment room without you then it would be OK for you to sit in but we would ask that you avoid speaking during treatment so as not to distract your child.

The patient does not need to starve prior to their visit but we would recommend only light eating and drinking before hand. The patient will not be asleep; the technique is purely to become relaxed. There are normally no after effects following this procedure and it is safe to use even if you have asthma or other chest problems.

Someone should monitor the child patient after they leave the practice and not allow physical activity for at least an hour or so. If the child patient has also had a local anaesthetic please watch that they don’t bite or nibble themselves whilst they are still numb.

Adult patients will be asked to sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes or until they feel completely OK to leave. Be assured we are very respectful of any fears and concerns you may have.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


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