We would rather be preserving teeth and preventing disease but sometimes teeth are missing and dentures are the solution.

Full dentures

These replace a complete arch of missing teeth.

Regular private dentures

These are a very good standard using good quality teeth and bases. They are constructed using traditional techniques and will give very nice results.

Top quality BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) full dentures

These are the Rolls Royce version. They are made using completely different techniques both in the practice and at the lab. They are constructed using an injection moulding method which results in stronger and more accurate fit with better function. The teeth used are very cosmetic and very hard wearing, in fact, the manufacturer gives a guarantee that no wear of the chewing surfaces will be discernible after 5 years of use. They take considerably longer time to make and are more expensive but the results are worth the extra effort and investment.

Partial Dentures

Are used when patients have some of their natural teeth. Plastic partial dentures are only used in certain circumstances. Sometimes they are the most appropriate to use but often not the most satisfactory nor healthy for the remaining teeth. Cobalt Chrome partials are metal bases cast into a very precise fit to the patient’s mouth and natural teeth. They are often the better choice for best fit, retention, aesthetics and patient tolerance.

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