Fee List 2023



New patient extensive exam (includes up to 4 X-rays)


Routine Examination


Child examination (under 4)


Child Examination inc fluoride treatment (ages 4 to 8 years)


Child Examination inc fluoride treatment (ages 9 to 14 years)


Child Examination inc fluoride treatment (age 14 years +)


Routine Scale and Polish with the Hygienist


Digital Small X- Rays (price per film)


Digital (OPG) Full mouth X-Ray


Emergency Appointment for non-registered patients




Composite (Tooth Coloured) Filling - small

from £74

Composite (Tooth Coloured) Filling - large

from £226

Composite bonding

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from £220
per tooth

Bonded Amalgam (Silver) Filling

Used where a white filling is inappropriate

ie. for large restorations at the very back of the mouth.

from £138

Root fillings

(price depends on which tooth is being treated)

Includes any x-rays and filling if required

from £490

Regular Ceramic bonded to non precious Metal Crown (VMK type)


Top Aesthetics Metal Free All Ceramic Crown (EMax type)

from £850

Ceramic Veneer - Bonded to the facial surface of a front tooth


Maryland Bridge - Two units (to replace a single missing tooth)


Conventional Bridgework - Cases need assessing individually


Teeth Whitening - Tray system

from £349

Teeth Whitening - Deep Bleach system Tray and Power Whitening


Regular Full Upper and Lower Dentures


Somnowell appliance

from £1700

ClearCorrect aligners (single arch)

from £1600

Smilelign/Quick Straight teeth (QST)

from £1950

Invisalign/Quick Straight teeth (QST)

from £2100

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