Emergency Care

Please ring The Dental Practice at your earliest convenience; we will do our utmost to get you an appointment as soon as possible. If the practice is closed please leave a message but… if it is a severe dental emergency ring the emergency dental NHS direct on 01246 514019.
  • Bleeding after an extraction
    Roll up a clean, damp gauze or cotton handkerchief. Place it where the tooth has been removed and bite firmly for 30 minutes. Do not rinse your mouth. Do not eat or consume hot drinks or alcohol. If this does not resolve within an hour please ring The Dental Practice or if out of hours dental NHS direct on 01246 514019.

  • Severe pain
    Please call as early as possible and we will be pleased to advise over the phone. Most dental pain can be controlled in the short term by taking over the counter pain killers which may be obtained following the advice from your pharmacist.

  • Severe swelling
    Please contact The Dental Practice or out of hours dental NHS direct on 01246 514019.

  • A broken denture
    Please ring during the practice hours and we will do our best to organise a repair.

  • Broken Tooth/ knocked out
    If a tooth should be completely knocked out of its socket or a substantial section of tooth fractured off you should briefly rinse the tooth if its dirty but DO NOT scrub it. The tooth should ideally be stored in milk. If this is not convenient place the tooth in the patients cheek to keep it wet in saliva. Contact The Dental Practice or NHS direct, it is important to be seen as soon as possible. Teeth can be replanted or occasionally a fractured piece bonded back on but the success rate is much greater the sooner treatment can be implemented.

We are committed to working to best practice

We aim to provide dental care of consistently good quality for all patients.