Hygienist Services

In order to keep your teeth all of your life the most critical thing is to maintain healthy gums and more significantly the bone beneath that holds your teeth in place. The reason why the majority of our long standing patients are in as good dental condition as they are is because they have had the care and attention of a Hygienist helping them with their dental health over the past years. We have had full time Hygienists in our practice for the past 30 years!

Hygienists will remove the damaging calcified deposits from your teeth that tend to collect around your gum edges. They will also teach you how to improve your daily home care. The object is to keep teeth and particularly your gum edges as clean as possible therefore resulting in healthy gums and preserving the underlying bone.

The ultimate aim is TEETH FOR LIFE.

If gum edges are not kept consistently free of the bacterial deposits of plaque and tartar the the gums become inflamed termed gingivitis. The gums are red and swollen and bleed very easily. If this is not corrected the inflammation also affects the underlying bone causing the bone to retreat down the roots of the teeth. This is a slow and not a painful process. Eventually, however, if sufficient bone support is lost the teeth become loose. Eventually they are unsustainable and tooth loss occurs.

This is a disaster for the dentition and is a shame because it is easily preventable by establishing good levels of oral hygiene from early on. Hygienists are essential for helping you maintain your dentition all of your life.

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Since 2013 patients are permitted to directly access the services of dental hygienists

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