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Teeth Whitening

We are a certified regional centre of excellence for ENLIGHTEN EVOLUTION teeth whitening. We use the best system to obtain consistently “WOW” factor results for every case among 1,700 cases.
From £349



Recent advances in ceramic technology enable us to provide you with all ceramic crowns instead of the widely used metal ceramic crowns. All ceramic crowns are very strong and extremely realistic.
From £690



Veneers only cover the front surface and tips of your teeth. They are a more conservative tooth structure in the right circumstances. Beautiful results can be obtained with metal free ceramics.
From £690



Bridges give you back a missing tooth or more. They work by a crown on an adjacent tooth or two carrying the false crown in the space therefore giving a fixed replacement of the missing tooth.
(2 units) £950



We use coloured filling materials which are bonded to your tooth structure. They are strong and hard wearing and look great. There is no metal or mercury in white fillings.
From £67

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We aim to provide dental care of consistently good quality for all patients.